Various media and dimensions
Self-initiated project
Berlin, Germany; Fontenay-Sous-Bois,
France; Breda, Netherlands

• Several self-initiated projects about diversity, tolerance, immigration and identity.
• Flags of 8 nations were dissected, mixed, and sewn back together. With Jaana Davidjants.
• During the Euro2008 football championship, the FIT space was set up for outdoor viewing of the matches. Our idea was to think about Europe in terms of its borders. The most frequently used illegal migration routes pass through Croatia, Malta, Morocco and Ukraine. Flags were cut, rearranged, and sewn back together.
• An illustration for Lodown magazine.
• An animation about (not) belonging to where you’re from and to where you presently live.
• A poster for a world tour, combining flags of nations, regions, ethnic groups at war.
• An illustration for the „Graphisme dans la rue“ poster competition. Footprints symbolise a diverse population and express the energy and harmony of „The City“.

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