Logo, web design
Novosibirsk, Russia

Konverter is an online platform featuring articles by bloggers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Germany. Articles from a variety of perspectives are published about topics such as skating, music, education, home life, literature, and cuisine. The site can be read in German, English and Russian.
SLANG developed a trilingual logo that communicates the platform’s central themes: contact and the circulation of ideas. We also created a series of installations/photographs to illustrate the topics on Konverter. As each topic is addressed by bloggers from different places and points of view, each illustration is an assemblage of a variety of objects and materials.
We transposed the idea of assemblage to the web design: index pages are a collection of framed headlines of various sizes. The web design is inspired by newspaper layouts, yet bold and youthful.
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