Dan & Lia Perjovschi

Exhibition catalogs
ifa Gallery / Verlag für Moderne Kunst
Berlin, Germany

The Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations and the ifa Galleries Stuttgart and Berlin set up relations between people and institutions worldwide.


Dan Perjovschi produces political and social commentary in the form of drawings that are regularly published in newspapers and drawn on gallery and museum walls. Lia Perjovschi investigates „the subjects of collection, structure and communication of knowledge from the realms of society, politics and art.“


The books, that are more monographs than catalogs, serve as a review and index of the artist’s work to date. Lia Perjovschi created the concept for the book herself, resulting in an artist’s book. Dan Perjovschi book is primarily a compendium of self-published newspapers since 1992. 116 and 148 pages, in English and German.