Tangentiale: Themen Texte Kino

Poster series
Kino Krokodil
Berlin, Germany

Tangentiale is an editorial/marketing project by Kino Krokodil, a cinema in Berlin showing East European and Russian films. The campaign is a text and poster series: authors are commissioned to write on themes from the films and SLANG is responsible for a visual interpretation, poster, and projection. Each Tangentiale edition results from a specific grouping of film, text and graphic design. The posters are neither standard advertising nor a typical edition, rather a new form in between.


Films and text:
Punkt 1 : Peter Wawerzinek on Anderson
Punkt 2 : Maidan by Sergej Loznitsa, essay by Andrej Kurkow
Punkt 3 : Leviathan by Andrey Zvyagintsev, text by Michail Ryklin
Punkt 4 : 7 Filme, Gebrauchsanweisung für Ostdeutschland by Jochen Schmidt
Punkt 5 : Banja, Küssen auf Böhmisch: Kurzgeschichte von Jaroslav Rudiš
Punkt 6 : Under the Sun by Vitaly Mansky, essay by Christoph Dieckmann