The Goethe-Institut Residencies

key visual and environmental graphics
berlin, germany

Every year, the worldwide Goethe-Institut Residency Programmes enable 130 artists to live and work abroad. This event showcased 50 artist residency programs and provided an opportunity for institutional partners, members of government and the Berlin art scene to get together.


SLANG was in charge of the visual conception, design and production of the entire event. A core element of our work was creating the main visual: using a variety of objects and materials, we built a whimsical installation that evokes both a house and an artist’s studio. The focus on mixing materials was extended to the invitation and program, which we had printed on paper that is both coated and uncoated. We were also responsible for a spatial design concept for the outdoor area and stage. We developed customized, modular 3-sided tower structures, which enable flexibility in positioning and ease of transport. These geometric “islands” harmonize well with the main visual, printed materials and the surrounding architecture.