U10 – nGbK Berlin

Exhibition catalog
NGBK – neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst
Berlin, Germany

U10 – FROM HERE TO THE IMAGINARY AND BACK AGAIN. From 2009 to 2011, seventeen artists created art projects in the Berlin underground. Inspired by the U10, a planned but never realised line of the Berlin subway system, the artists created works that dealt with the everyday and the visionary potential of the underground.


A non-existent line runs across the center of the entire book and separates the English from the German texts. A rapport is created between the vast openness of outer space (the galaxy photos and „constellation“ maps) and the confined spaces of the underground (the photo series and the beginning and end of the book). The cover folds out to a poster with an image of galaxies on one side and a map of Berlin showing the locations of all activities over the duration of the project. 212 pages, English and German.





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