what we do

slang is a multidisciplinary design studio. we develop wayfinding, location branding and environmental graphics for offices, events and exhibitions. we create logos, corporate identities, key visuals and communication materials for companies. we design books, publications and all forms of printed matter.

how we do it

our approach is holistic. we identify the core aspects of each project, deliver authentic and innovative solutions specific to your needs, coupled with economical production costs. we oversee projects all the way up to final production and installation. in collaboration with our network of product designers, printers, painters, architects, authors and programmers, we provide high-quality and cost-effective solutions.

we thrive on working closely with clients: our close-knit team enables direct contact to creatives, facilitating workflow.

beyond professional experience gained in the united states, france and germany, our breadth of design expertise sets us apart. from client commissions to self-initiated art projects, our passion for a range of disciplines fuels slang’s vibrant work.

who we work with

our clients are from the fields of culture, technology and science. we work with cultural institutions, government offices, international companies, agencies and architects.