Message in a Bubble

The Art of Conversation
London, UK and Berlin, Germany

“The Art of Conversation” exhibition brings 10 Berlin designers and 10 London designers together in a game of chinese whispers. Each studio presented an idea to the next, who in turn responded to the cue and presented to the next in line. Our piece is an experimental search for one’s alter ego. People were asked to answer a few questions about themselves. These forms were collected and participants were paired with their alter egos and each received the other’s original filled out questionnaire. What happened next was up to each individual.


Each studio also designed a poster based on their contribution to the conversation. SLANG’s poster is about communicating with someone at a distance. Are we communicating more with the interface than with the other person?


With Joshua Kit Clayton, Camille Mermet, Mathilde Huron and Alessia Celentano. The Art of Conversation was conceived, curated and designed by BANK (Berlin) & INVENTORY Studio (London).